Nuggets, Dreams, and InBetweens

It is quite grievous to receive a vision from the Lord, refuse to write it down, forget about it, only to remember it as good- John Piper

Lately, I have been thinking about this quote and its truth and relevance in my life. But first, let me back track. Let’s start with this little nugget of truth: I am a bit of a dreamer. Duh…most of you knew that. For those who didn’t know, I am quite the dreamer. From fantasy, to romance, to horror, to mission methods, to gospel applications, to whimsical futuristic desires, cooking recipes, song ideas, sports analogies, family nonsense, action stories, and on and on and on and on, basically my mind is always racing. Sometimes, I drive myself absolutely CRAZY with the amount I dream. Talk about sleepless nights, whether from actually dreaming, thinking about what I’ve been dreaming, or trying to avoid my dreams- yeah this happens often. If anyone can relate to that all I can say is bless. I feel you. But if I were honest, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Now, do I think this most days- no way. I do like sleep. But the Lord recently reminded me that this is how He created me. He created me to dream, and often times, He speaks to me through my dreams. It’s kind of neat, and really if there is one thing I am good at it is dreaming. When my dreams are gospel-centered and future-focused, there is absolutely nothing that can get in the way of some new missions or community reaching dream from popping into my brain. And honestly, I love it! (Sidenote: for those who don’t know, missions is what I am called to) Anyway, I stumbled upon some old journals where I did write down all the missional ideas I had. Every last one of them. And I realized that back when I was a dreaming, and actually willing to live out my dreams, that is when I found so much peace and joy in life. They were glimpses of a future that the Lord was preparing me for. Thankfully, He is still prepping me and equipping me, but these past few years I haven’t been dreaming. I haven’t been enjoying who God has created me to be. Truthfully, it’s because I am afraid that these dreams will come true and that I will actually have been created for more than myself. That may not make perfect sense but hopefully this explanation helps. I am an insecure and prideful person who struggles immensely with depression. It’s true. So when I let my insecurities and pride get the best of me all I see is the worst of me, instead of the greatness of Jesus. But in God, righting my perspective and revealing to me who I was created to be, I had an “Aha!” moment. Get this, I see everything more clearly. Shocking isn’t it? To think that when I am willing to submit to God’s creative plan that I would actually begin to see and dream again in a way that gives me a purpose, a hope, and a future. To tie this in with the quote: if I hadn’t of written down my dreams I’m not sure when I would have remembered. I would only remember that my dreams were good. But where would the purpose and mission be in that? God has given us some detail, the question is are we paying attention? And are we willing to write it down? Let’s be honest, how many of us can even remember what we had for breakfast? Yes, this may be a word from the Lord, but our brains are still human: limited and forgetful. Write it down, so that if you do forget it, or your perspective is out of whack, you can return to that word/dream/lesson and remember it and its message in all its fullness and greatness. So things that I wanted to get across:

1. Write things down: if the authors of the Bible found that writing God’s words were important- which is proven true today- then it must be worth the search for a pen/paper or a laptop.

2. Remember and be who God created you to be: if you’re not sure then ask Him. Seek Him out on this question. He will reveal.

3. God is always working: make sure to stop and listen to what He is doing. His hand is at work all across the world 🙂 (This will be seen in my next post about a recent mission trip to India that I was blessed in partaking in)

Until next time…

“Now to Him who is able to immeasurably more than all we could ever ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen”- Ephesians 3:20-21


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